How Do You Inspire Others?

Everything you do has the potential to inspire those around you

Asking how people are inspired may seem like a pretty straightforward question and for many people it can be all about highly charged motivational speeches and dynamism. Of course it can be quite the opposite, a quiet word at the right time with the right person and considered decision-making.

So what it boils down to is how you interact with others and how you behave. Not only do you influence those people with who you have direct contact, others see or hear about how you operate. Influencing in a positive way will be inspirational and those stories get around. Influencing in a negative way will be demotivating and discouraging and unfortunately those stories will get around far more quickly than the positive ones.

The strange thing is that even if you are in a situation when you are alone, rare for many people, others will be watching. They will see what you do in those moments and more importantly what happens after those periods of reflection.

The word gets around as to what you are like as a leader or manager and people who may never have met you will build up an impression based on perhaps second or third hand observations. It’s important that every now and again we remind ourselves of this, as it can be far too easy to focus solely on what is right in front of us without considering wider and longer-term implications. The reputation of our group or business and of ourselves as a professional is at stake.

Remember then that ensuring your interactions with others are positive in nature is far more likely to inspire them than discourage them. They will tell others about this and on-lookers will see it for themselves. Those who have never met you will start to hear of how your interactions with others, your behaviour, inspires and motivates. Just think how empowering that is for those you work with and how beneficial it can be to have such a positive vibe about how you operate within your business.

So what is it that you do that inspires those around you? 

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